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Crackle Patch Original Resin & Acrylic Panting

Crackle Patch Original Resin & Acrylic Panting

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Semi Abstract Limited Edition Mixed Media Abstract Painting on Canvas

• Title: Crackle Patch
• Size:
Width: 76 cm
Length: 92 cm
Depth: 3 cm
Weight: 5 kg
  • Material: Mixed Media, Texture Resin and Acrylic Paint
  • Staple-free sides with the painting continuing to wrap around the edge.
  • Environmentally-friendly cotton canvas - stretched
  • Canvas is ready to hang.
  • Pictures show the back of the painted canvas
  • No need to frame
  • Professional quality acrylic paints and mediums are used on the canvas
  • Coated with protective gloss varnish for easy dust cleaning.
  • Simply wipe over with a cotton cloth to remove dust.
  • Photos are not to scale display purposes only.

    • Please message me to arrange shipping - courier freight costs.

Lisa Payton creates artworks that deliberately leave the subject matter open to interpretation, enhancing the sense of connection between artwork and viewer. They are designed to draw the viewer into recognizing nature in all its beauty of color and texture.

Her free flow style of textured mixed media and resin art work is dynamic, bright, vibrant, colorful, expressive, energetic and displays a lively mood.

People viewing her artwork regularly comment on what they can recognize in her 'Abstract Earth Art' paintings. She has witnessed many people express enjoyment when viewing her artwork because they can recognize a landmark where they have been or discover something that is recognizable to them.