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Abstract Earth Art Resin and Wood Jewellery

Lisa is passion about creating Abstract Earth Art Resin and Wood Jewellery.  The free flow nature of the fluid resin and how the colours mix together or lay next to each other to, create over lays of depth and landscape anomalies, is what drives her to create and make abstract earth art resin and wood jewellery.

Being an experimental artist Lisa loves to create abstract unique handmade resin and wood jewellery that brings about a love of nature that so many people enjoy.

The inspirational formations and aspects of nature combined with her creativity is what drives Lisa to design and construct elaborate pieces of resin jewellery.  From this creativity, free flowing shapes and designs from eucalyptus tree leaves are created. Within each of these designed shapes, imitations of island abnormalities surrounded by sea and waves, with scattering of opals are displayed.   

Opalescence is a contributing feature of Lisa’s resin jewellery designs. She desires to create the glistening and iridescent and distinctive shine of nature through shimmering colours and glittering luminescence.  Her designs are reminiscent of the glimmering land in which we live, its brilliance and sparkle demonstrated by using a variety of luminescent colours in each piece. This give her jewellery pieces an interesting depth that wearers choose to acquire.

Banksia seed pods and deformed tree knots known as burls are the main features in Lisa designs of resin and wood jewellery pieces. The irregularities of wood allow for some striking patterns and shapes to be created within the resin.  This is giving each piece a uniqueness of design. Combined with transparent and luminescent colours, abstract earth art wood and resin pieces are designed into shapes from the various formations of the wood.


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