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How Lisa Payton Creative Arts was created

Lake Eyre’s Inspiration


The seasonal rains finally fall after a long awaited dry summer. The rains and the dry creek beds finally catch up with each other after many months of separation and finally bring with it life saving provisions for the buried creatures and provide thirst quenching waters that start of the new season of life.
Finally creature’s great and endangered start to emerge from the parched dry lands to embrace the new season’s deluge of water for some creatures haven’t appeared out of their hiding places for generations and there are those who see it regularly every season.


Lisa Payton Creative Arts was created from my love of aerial photography and fluid painting style.


With water flowing down the old carved out river streams of years gone by you get to see the rippling effect on the sand as the fresh clean clear water rolls over the top of dry creek beds.


It mixes with the moisture-less dry sand dunes that have been heated up by the suns ever increasing hot rays. The steams along the edges making the water repel because it’s so dry that there is no absorption left in the sand particles.
It makes a jagged repellent looking affect along the edges of the sand dunes.


As more water flows continuously over the sand the more the sand particles are forced to accept the moisture from the water and start to soak up this life giving liquid gold.


It is from these dry cracked up creek beds that nature comes alive. To see the first of many creatures emerging from the dry creek bed is an astonishing achievement for creatures endangered or not


  • Hi Mary, thank you for your purchase, unfortunately I don’t print any more of these cards now. thanks Lisa

    Lisa Wray
  • Hi Lisa, I just bought one of your cards (shades blue/white) from the Abstract Earth Art series in The Artisan Store in High St Freo. Do you have any other similar cards? Saw one in greens with an attachment but wondered if you stock this card or similar without the hole please?

    mary davis

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