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Abstract Earth Art Exhibition 2014

"Abstract Earth Art" Exhibition  at 

Mandurah Convention Exhibition Centre 

5 September - 1 October 2014


Inspired by the magnificence of Australia’s landscape and nature in all its realms of space, shape, and detail, Lisa deploys a variety of mediums such as grass tree resin, bitumen, resin, textured plasters, modeling paste, impasto, canvas and board, photography skills, wool, felt, silk, material and paper art to complete her acrylic and enamel paint masterpieces.


Payton's canvases and prints deliberately leave the subject open to interpretation, enhancing the sense of intimacy and connection between artwork and viewer, and are designed to draw the viewer into recognizing nature in all its beauty of color and texture. It’s this recognition of the land that Payton delivers a positive environmental message, one of respect and responsibility towards the earth we live in.





To purchase any art works please contact Lisa  via email at lisa@lisapaytoncreativearts.com or phone 0417 560 274

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